Tips for Surviving your First Year at College

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It is not easy surviving your first year as a college freshman. You will be away from home and have freedom which can be good and bad. You need to make all the decisions. You have to force yourself to get to class. Force yourself to study.

It is your decisions that decide how your college life goes.

You can’t blame anyone else. So have fun but choose wisely as they said in that Indiana Jones film.

Here are some really important tips for surviving your first year of college…

  1. Try not to always take the shortcut.
    if you cheat on a test, you might get a good grade but you are dinging your self confidence every time you cheat. Putting off studying and doing last minute cramming might get you the grade but you didn’t learn a thing. You’ll forget it in days.
  2. Expect to feel overwhelmed in the beginning.
    Being a freshman in college is a lot to throw on your plate. It’s all new so relax and take your time. You don’t have to do everything now. Write a to-do list and check them off slowly.
  3. Don’t over explore your new surroundings
    Taking day trips to explore the city isn’t helping you feel at home on campus. So spend more time on campus, learning where everything is and meeting people. The quicker you feel comfortable, the better off you will be. So settle in and get comfy.
  4. Homesickness
    You’ll get homesick at times. It’s perfectly normal. A quick email, text or phone call to home can make you feel better.
  5. Orientations
    They are boring but they really help you feel at home. It takes away a lot of the unease you feel at first. You are at a new place now. Learn about it and get comfortable.
  6. Dorm Life
    For the next four years you want to get to know the people around you. Meet as many as you can, you’ll be seeing a lot of them. Find out about your roommates life. Ask questions. Help them out and you can make friends you can count on.
  7. Wall Calendar
    Stay organized and write down your upcoming assignment due dates. Put them in your phone calendar as well. It will make your life a lot easier and you wont forget important dates. It is all up to you whether your class work is done now.
  8. Find Your Go To Study Place
    Choose a comfortable place to do the majority of your studying. It might be your dorm room or the library but don’t be limited to that. Find your perfect study location. Quiet and easy to concentrate is what you want. No interruptions will make all the difference.
  9. Meet your Professors
    Find out the office hours and go meet them. See what you can learn about the expectations and due dates of assignments. Don’t get stuck on a problem, go ask the professor. It can only help you. Take advantage of every opportunity to get better.
  10. Skip Class?
    Don’t miss too many classes, it leads to more people dropping out than anything else. You might want to sleep in but it’s gonna cost you. Don’t listen to that bad guy on your shoulder who is going to tell you to “just skip it” “it’s only one class”.
  11. Find out who your Academic Adviser is

If there is one person who is there to help you succeed it is your advisor. Don’t miss out on all they can help with. You will have questions in your college life, so ask the advisor first. It’s what they are here for. You can figure out class schedule conflicts and how to drop or add classes.
They can help you decide on a major.

  1. Pay attention to your grades
    You have to work to get better grades and the sooner you see what needs more work the better. Work as hard as possible to raise your abilities and your grades follow. Some of your classes will be easier than others. So spend extra time on your poorer subjects, to improve them.
  2. Balance your Life
    Have lots of fun but study hard and keep your grades up. It’s no surprise, you can see your grades. Just give a little extra effort on your classes you struggle with.
  3. Join Clubs
    To fit in and really get the most out of college you need to get involved. It will increase how many friends you have. It will add to your experience. Only choose a few to take serious so it doesn’t become a full time job. You will lose a lot of your homesickness, just by getting involved on campus.
  4. Don’t rush choosing a Major
    You have plenty of time to discover yourself and learn what you like and don’t like. You aren’t the first person who can’t decide on a major. There is no hurry.
  5. Personal Time and Breaks
    You are in charge now so if things become unbearable, take a short break. You can take a day off and chill. I know when I went to college and worked a job it was brutal. Every single day you had school or work or both! It gets exhausting. So if you really need a day of, just take it for yourself.

Burnout can kill your college dream if you let it. Seek help from the school, they have counselors who get paid to support students. Take advantage of all the resources available.

Hope you enjoyed these college life tips for surviving your first year at college.

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