College Acceptance Rates- Where Can You Get IN?

college acceptance rates

College Acceptance Rates- Where Can You Get IN?

It isn’t easy to get into the best colleges today. College acceptance rates are pretty low at good schools. So how do you increase your odds of getting into your favorite school? First you may want to choose some alternative schools to apply to. You can kill yourself with stress trying to get a tough school or you can lower your expectations and have other good options.

In case your top choice wont take you. Make a short list of your favorites and apply at 10 schools so you don’t get heartbroken and give up. What you want are options! Now instead of crying you didn’t get into Harvard, you will have multiple schools who do want you. The choice is still yours.

On this page we share our current research on popular colleges and their acceptance rates. It will be easy for you to compare the different schools all on one page. Believe me it wasn’t easy looking at hundreds of google searches to gather this research. I hope it helps you out. Let’s get started…

There are eight Ivy League schools:

Yale(6%) New Haven, Connecticut
Princeton(6%) New Jersey
Brown(7%) Rhode Island
Columbia(5%) New York City
Cornell(11%)Upstate New York
Dartmouth(8%)New Hampshire
The University of Pennsylvania(8%)Philadelphia

Best non Ivy League Schools

Stanford University
Duke University
California Institute of Technology
Northwestern University
Vanderbilt University
John Hopkins University
UC Davis

Tier 2 schools include: USC, Washington University in St Louis(14%), Tufts(15%) Massachusetts, Tulane(13%)New Orleans, NYU(16%)New York City, Boston University(19%), UNC Chapel Hill(23%), University of Michigan Ann Arbor(23%), Notre Dame(16%)Indiana, Emory(16%)Atlanta,GA, University of Virginia(24%)Charlottesville,VA , Wake Forest(30%)Winston-Salem,NC, UT Austin College of Natural Sciences(65%-90%resident), Boston College(27%), William and Mary(38%)Williamsburg,VA, UCLA(12%), UC Berkeley(16%), Georgetown(14%)

Comparisons of College Acceptance Rates in 2021

Georgia Tech acceptance rate 20.6% early acceptance rate 27.6% 50% of applicants admitted have SAT of 1370-1530 and ACT of 31-35
SMU acceptance rate 47.4 % early acceptance rate is 55.6% SAT scores of 1250-1450 and ACT of 29-33

UCLA transfer acceptance rate 24.09%

Bowdoin acceptance rate 9.1% located in Maine. Other examples are Colby College 9.7% Bates College 12.1% and Tufts University 15%
Gonzaga acceptance rate 61.7% Other examples are Seattle U at 78.5% WSU at 75.8% and Western Washington U at 90.4%
Elon acceptance rate 78.4% located in North Carolina. Other examples are U of North Carolina 82.5%, Wake Forest U at 29.6% and High Point U at 74.6%

Vassar acceptance rate 23.7% located in New York. Other examples are Wesleyan University at 16.5%, Barnard College at 11.8% and Skidmore College at 30%
West Chester University acceptance rate 86% is really high compared to most colleges in the USA. Lower SAT and ACT scores are needed at this Pennsylvania School.

Embry Riddle acceptance rate is 63% and is in Daytona Beach, Florida
Skidmore acceptance rate 30% and compares to Vassar College 23.7%, Union College at 42.9% or Colgate University with only 22.6%
Stanford transfer acceptance rate is horrible at only 1.15% You really need to have a family connection here.
UNC Charlotte acceptance rate 65% compared to UNC Chapel Hill 22.6% or UNC Greensboro at 82.5%

University of British Columbia acceptance rate 65% in 2020
compared to Mcmaster U in Ontario at 44% or McGill in Montreal at 48%

University of Rhode Island acceptance rate 74.8% SATs 1090-1260 ACT 23-28 is average. Compared to UOC Mansfield at 49.4%, Providence at 47.5% or U of New Hampshire-Durham at 84%
UPenn transfer acceptance rate less than 6% very low compared to other schools

Trinity University acceptance rate 28.8% Small school in San Antonio, Texas 2500 students compared to Rice University in Houston with only 8.7% acceptance
MIT transfer acceptance rate is only 4.25%

UNLV acceptance rate is great at 80% compared to UCLA at 12.3% although Arizona State U approves 86%
Monmouth acceptance rate 77% with SATs 1040-1210 average and ACT 21-16 average Seton Hall-south orange is right there at 74% rate

Keiser university acceptance rate is 85% and located in beautiful Fort Lauderdale FL
Yale transfer acceptance rate is less than 2%
Tulane acceptance rate is 13% located in New Orleans, LA compared to Vanderbilt at 9% or Emory University at 15%. LSU is up at 75% for comparison.

UMass Lowell acceptance rate 73% UMass Amherst is harder at 64%
Loyola Maryland acceptance rate 80% with average SAT at 1140-1328 and ACT at 25-30
UC Davis acceptance rate 39% Cal-Irvine is 27% and Cal-Santa Barbara is 30%

NYU acceptance rate is about 16% compared to Columbia U at 5%, UCLA at 12% and Harvard at 5%
University of Hartford acceptance rate 76% compared to university of Connecticut-Mansfield at 50% or Trinity College at 33%

UCLA acceptance rate 12%
Princeton acceptance rate 5.8% is comparable to all the Ivy League Schools.
Yale acceptance rate 6%
UW acceptance rate 51% Compared to WSU at 75%
MIT acceptance rate runs about 6 or 7%
Stanford acceptance rate is about 4%
Duke University acceptance rate 7%
CalTech acceptance rate 6.5%
Northwestern acceptance rate 9% located in Illinois Compared to University of Chicago at 6% or University of Michigan at 23%

Vanderbilt university acceptance rate 9% located in Nashville, Tennessee
John Hopkins acceptance rate 11% located in Baltimore, Maryland
UC Davis acceptance rate 39% which is easier than Cal-San Diego or Santa Barbara

Oklahoma acceptance rate 83% with SATs at 1100-1300 or ACTs at 23-29
Florida State acceptance rate 36% compared to University of Florida-Gainesville at 36% or University of Miami-Coral Gables at 27% An easier to get into Florida college is U of Central Florida-Orlando at 45%

Skidmore college acceptance rate runs about 30% and is in New York state.

As you can see the college acceptance rates vary all over the board. It is very difficult to get into the Ivy League schools without family connections today. Even tier 2 schools are a challenge unless you have high scores and an impressive application. But don’t get discouraged, shoot for a couple big schools and a list of 10 second choices and apply to them all.

You don’t want to do this one school at a time. Apply early to multiple choices so you start getting some accepted. Now YOU have choices, it is a lot less stressful.

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Get Recommendation Letters

Ask for a recommendation early enough so they have time to write it for you. Tell them the deadline when you ask.
Write a simple list of your personal highlights, skills, experiences, hobbies, awards, leadership, honors classes, clubs and sports, jobs you have had and then describe yourself.

Don’t lie about yourself. Keep it true to life.
Send this list with your request for recommendation. It makes it easier for them to write a letter of recommendation.

Call or email them before you send the request. Ask them for a recommendation and find out if they prefer a letter or email request.

Use Story Telling on your college application

Create your own personal brand, your most valuable traits, skills and interests are who you are and what you could do in the future. Make a list of what you stand for. What are your key Values every time? Ask others opinions on this question they will see more things you are great at. Have opinions and stand strong on them. (confidence sells)

A school wants to know what you did during high school.
Talk about all the things you tried and how you improved yourself. Can you talk in front of people? Can you help others first? How have you struggled with something and then reached success in it? Show you put in effort to improve and learn.

How did you help another student improve? When did you go the extra mile? Address your earlier learning mistakes and what they taught you. The goal of a recommendation is proving you would be a valuable addition to the school. Show how you fit in and can be an asset.

Write a Personal Statement that they will notice by keeping it positive and show how you would excel at the school. Why you want to go to the school. What you are striving for.

Write an Application Essay that rocks.

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