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Apartment Checklist

  OMG, you are getting a new apartment. It sounds exciting and it is but there are loads of things you may not think of when finding a new apartment. And when moving in, you are overwhelmed and always forget something important. That’s where a good apartment checklist can help. Don’t feel ashamed when you …

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best vhs to dvd converter

The Best VHS to DVD Converter

Article updated for 2021 – Products still available Got a treasure trove of old home videos and other VHS tapes lying around? Want to get some use out of them? Since no TV supports VHS tapes anymore, the easiest way to get your collection of VHS tapes into a form that’s actually usable is by …

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best rolling laptop bag

The Best Rolling Laptop Bag

(Updated for 2021)Products are still available – I’ve had two awful travel experiences more than I’d care to admit. The first experience is packing my laptop in my checked suitcase before a big trip and having to rummage through all of my belongings after landing to find my computer and get to work. The second …

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